"When we succeed, the world of digital interaction will revolve entirely around people, not technology trends." "The pace of digital interaction has begun to surpass our ability to manage it. Entefy is about to change all that."

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Entefy is a Palo Alto startup that is rewriting the code of digital interaction. We’re introducing the first technology to give you seamless access to all of your conversations and connections, across any smart device. Our Universal Interaction Engine (UIE) provides a new, people-centric communication experience that puts you at the heart of your hyper-connected world.

The amount of information being created and shared is growing exponentially while our ability to manage that information remains flat. 100+ trillion messages are sent and received annually, more than 2.5 million smartphone applications clutter the app stores, and to address our burgeoning need for digital interaction, 200 billion smart machines are projected by the end of this decade. Every interaction, on every app, across every device presents valuable data that says something about you and the world around you.

Entefy was born to rein in the growing chaos in communication and other digital interactions. It works across all of your devices and gives you access to your digital universe whenever and wherever you need it.

Entefy is built for the Internet of Things but designed for the Internet of people.


Entefy is introducing the first technology that leverages proprietary algorithms and popular channels of digital communication to create an entirely new, people-centric interaction experience. We believe that it will change the way people engage with one another and the world around them. Since our Universal Interaction Engine is still under development, we don't publicly share too much about our technology platform, but we can give you a few hints:


Multi-protocol, context-aware message & data delivery technology


Unparalleled data syncing across all your devices, faster than the blink of an eye


Meaningful insights at a user level that unleash a new paradigm in digital assistance


Threading conversations across multiple protocols


Adaptive Privacy Controls. Intelligent protection with unmatched convenience


Modern communications brought together in a single application on all your smart devices


Entefy’s team consists of inventors, engineers, and business leaders who are working to create a beautiful product that makes the complex simple and transforms chaos into harmony. Our roots are in technology, our passion is for people, and our mission is helping them work better together.
Armed with the curiosity of a social scientist and the precision of an engineer.
Alston Ghafourifar
CEO & Co-Founder
Culture builder, change agent, and world record holder.
Brienne Ghafourifar
Growth Force
Lovable pit bull. Former head of patent strategy at Apple. And the greatest litigation mastermind of all time (allegedly).
Jeff Risher
Business Force
Legal & IP Strategy
Co-inventor of UNIX. ‘nuff said.
Rudd Canaday
Product Force
Sr. Software Architect
Led critical components of development for several Intel Xeon processors.
Phil Greenberg
Product Force
Software Engineer
Defiance Asset Management and Morgan Stanley; think $600 million and $12 billion.
Steve Epstein
Business Force
Dinos, the Greek
Dinos Arkoumanis
Product Force
Big data architect
Office maven responsible for not-so-random daily acts of kindness.
Arwen Casuga
Business Force
Office Manager
Pro Pixel Producer
Daryoush Derakshandeh
Product Force
UI/UX Developer
Full-stack “venture-ist” with more business experience than you can shake a stick at.
Mehdi Ghafourifar
Growth Force
At the intersection of awesome JavaScript and user experience.
Nicolas Roger
Product Force
Software Engineer
When it comes to design, there’s no line Marianne can’t cross.
Marianne Guillen
Product Force
Visual Designer
a.k.a. AntoniOS
Antonis Korkofigkas
Product Force
Mobile Software Engineer
Will code for shawarma—no fuss, no muss.
Joris Bolsens
Product Force
Software Engineer
Neil builds it clean, lean, and mean—just ask the CPU design engineers at Intel.
Neil Achtman
Product Force
Software Engineer
Ngan Ton
Growth Force
From software to robots, this hackathon aficionado knows how to win.
Vincente Ciancio
Product Force
Mobile Software Engineer
Gamemaker at 13, businessman at 16, software Jedi in the making.
Gareth George
Product Force
Software Engineer Intern

Board of Directors

With the curiosity of a social scientist and an engineer’s precision, Alston loves pushing the status quo to solve the seemingly unsolvable. As Entefy’s visionary and chief problem-solver, he has successfully raised millions of dollars in capital, executed key strategic partnerships, managed a global team on 3 continents, and led the creation of a suite of strategic IPs in areas of security, privacy, and communications. Alston graduated from UC Santa Cruz at age 17 with a B.A. in Politics.
Alston Ghafourifar
CEO & Co-Founder
Brienne acknowledges that it might be physically impossible to meet every person on the planet, but she’s willing to try. She excels at forging connections with strategic partners that help build and grow Entefy. A leader among young entrepreneurs, Brienne set the world record as the youngest college graduate to raise $1 million in venture funding—at age 17. That figure has since grown to more than $9 million. She holds a B.S. in Economics from Santa Clara University.
Brienne Ghafourifar
Board member
Wim left his 29-year executive management career with Hewlett Packard to become the CEO of Xilinx and, later, chairman in 2003. Under his leadership, Xilinx’ revenue more than tripled to nearly $2 billion and market share increased in the programmable logic business from 30% to over 50%. During his tenure, Xilinx was nominated several times in the top 10 of Fortune Magazine’s “100 best companies to work for.” Currently, Mr. Roelandts also serves on the Board of Directors of Applied Materials, Inc., Aruba Networks, Inc., and IMEC (a micro- and nanoelectronics research center in Belgium).
Wim Roelandts
Board member
Chairman of Applied Materials
Fmr. Chairman & CEO of Xilinx
As CEO of NYSE Euronext (2007-2014), Niederauer transformed and grew the organization while navigating through the financial crisis, evolving market and regulatory conditions, and industry consolidation. Under his leadership, the NYSE experienced a significant increase in its tech IPO listings, from 13% in 2006 to 54% in 2013. Niederauer also negotiated and completed NYSE Euronext’s acquisition by Intercontinental Exchange. Currently, Mr. Niederauer serves on the boards of Colgate University, The American Ireland Fund and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, among others.
Duncan Niederauer
Board member
Fmr. CEO of NYSE Euronext

Our Advisors


Every day at Entefy is challenging, rewarding, and fun. Our team is growing fast, but when you’re building something transformative every talented mind and spirit makes a big impact.

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